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1)  Passport should be in hand with at least 6 months validity to be remained in time of Visa Application.
2)  *VISAS : To enter Myanmar, all foreigner must have a visa. Visas can be applied at Myanmar Embassy in your country prior to traveling to Myanmar. Validity of VISA has 3 months and right to stay duration in the country is 28 days. Pre-arranged Visa on Arrival is available for all travelers but must be applied for at least one month in advance through Aura Myanmar, but we cannot guarantee for 100% according to government's changing policy.
3)*eVISA application for Government website is evisa.moip.gov.mm/noticetotourists.aspx

Important Advices For Practice And Rrspect

1) Barefoot when visiting the religious monuments.
2) For both men and women, do not wear shorts and too revealing blouse/vest when visiting religious monuments.
3) Do not pay money to children and beggars when they ask for money from the tourist.
4) Please request for permission when you would like to take photos of the people even if it is a child for politeness and most of the time, your request are not rejected. (showing your camera and a smile may be enough as a request)
5) Do not try un-boiled and un-cooked food.
6) Do not drink tap water.

Things To Be  Brought Alone With You

1) Sun Block
2) Anti-mosquito spray or cream available in pharmacy or repulsive bracelet
3) If tracking is in the program, please bring good trekking shoes. If not, light comfortable walking shoes should be enough.
4) Shoes easy to put on and take off to visit the religious sites (types like sandals and tongs should be fine)
5) For the visit to Kentung or Inle Lake in November, a pullovers and shawl. 5-10 degree at night and 15-25 degree during day time)
6) Hat
7) Umbrella and rain coat for raining season (from May to October)

Health Advice

At the moment, no inoculations need to travailing to Myanmar. Malaria is not found in the places where we visit. Some bites may not warrant for worry.

For any specific needs of the travelers, please consult with your physician before travailing.

Important Advice Concerning Currency

In Myanmar, we use three currencies.

1) Kyat (national currency), you need to change from dollars to Kyat for meals, drinks and for small purchases. Money can be changed at airport money changer or official money changers or at the private banks.
2) Travelers are allowed to bring 10000 US $ per person for personal expense and can declare in the Customs Form on arrival for more extra money.
3) It has to be new dollars notes to bring. If not, the changer may not accept the old notes, the notes with small marks, torn or folded.
4) Euro is used by less circulated than American dollar and the exchange rate is less interesting.
5) ATM function well in big towns and we can draw Kyat but not Dollars and Euros.
6) Credit card can be used only at certain places in the country.



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