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Aura Myanmar is fully aware of, and is held responsible for the impact of tourism and we practice making “better places for people to live, and better places for people to visit.”

By working on tourism business, AM has committed itself to minimize negative economic, environmental, and social impacts caused by tourism. We, therefore, feel it our responsibility to:

  • explain ourclients thoroughly that Myanmar tourism is culture-oriented; prevent respectful attitude to traditional and typical practices from being spoiled; help maintain mutual respect between tourists and local people;
  • provide tourists with enjoyable experiences through meaningful connections with local people for a genuine understanding of local, cultural, traditional, historical and environmental issues;
  • generate the economic benefits for local people who directly and indirectly rely on tourism business,trying to enhance the well-being of our community.

Social Responsibility

Aura Myanmar first established FGD, a humanitarian foundation in 2011, and since then it has been carrying out humanitarian activities within our reach, not only in Tourist attraction sites, but in all parts of the country regardless of region and religion.

Being one of the lease developed countries as listed by The UN, Myanmar has been left far behind in the development of every sector, in great need of support, while it could maintain its authenticity.
Having established an FDG Humanitarian, AM is trying to put our efforts to fill this gap as a helping hand to contribute to society. The Activities include:



educationEach year FGD has scholarship programs for TEN students (from Primary up to High-school Levels). Selected students are those outstanding and enthusiastic enough to continue their education, but whose parents cannot afford to pay for their education. FDG also provides poor schools with the necessary facilities including study desks.


Water Support

In Myanmar rainy season is generally marked from May to September, however, the people in the middle parts of the country has to encounter problems of scarcity of water every year. There are many regions where water is so much scarce that the people are in great difficulty of finding it – not to use but barely to drink. We, as a long-term donation of water, built up a pond formed by damming up the open end of a ravine, which can maintain a capacity of 200 acres of water, in Ma-gyi-ta-htaung village, in Monywatownship, Sagaing Division, in the middle part of Myanmar, benefitting nearby villages.



Child Abuse

The world today is under threat of child abuse, which does not spare Myanmar to some extent. FGD actively takes part in the prevention and educational activities against the issue. Necessary financial and mental supports are provided to those who have been victims for their rehabilitation.



microfinanceRice banks have been built for 80 families so far. Those who want to run a small-scale grocery are loaned money without interest, and are allowed for long term repayment scheme.



Aura Myanmar is always ready to lend a hand with both personal and financial supports whenever unexpected natural disasters strike. During 2015 nationwide Flood Disaster, we made donations of rice and other essential foodstuffs and household materials, and provided assistance for rehabilitation and medication.




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