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(Mandalay-Bagan/ Down Stream)

(Mandalay-Bagan/ Down Stream)
Monday, Wednesday, Friday

mandalay-12Check in to RV PANORAMA Boat at 5:30 am (Gaw Wein Jetty)

Set Sailing at 6:00 am, welcome by crew and briefing Dos&Donts at Main Deck.

Breakfast will be served at the sun deck from 6:30 am to 8 am, enjoy the sunrise while having breakfast.

Arrive to Lak Ka Pin Village around 10 am, explore the village, observe how they make the hat with jute, visit monastery and return back to Boat.

Continue sailing and Set Lunch will be served from 12 :00 pm to 1:30 pm.

After your relaxing time, demonstration of Myanmar Traditional Costume Longyi, Thanatkha (Myanmr Make-Up/Sun Block) and a kind of Myanmr Traditional salad( tea leaf or ginger etc..). The passengers are most welcome to participate and teaste the salad with green tea.

Arrive to Bagan around 5 pm to Nyaung U Jetty.




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