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Mrauk U, a famous archeological site is located in western part of Myanmar in Rakhine State. It was the royal capital of Rakhine dynasty from 15 to 18 century. The kings of the dynasty built temples with stones from the sea through 3 centuries of their reign. The temples still stand there in black color with beautiful relief inside. Its architectural style is totally different from those of the other parts of the country. Mrauk U is the pride and prestige of Rakhine people, as the remnants of the religious edifice show their status of civilization at that time. From there, a visit can be extended to Tattooed Chin villages along the Laymyo River by enjoying fantastic panoramic view.

There are many interesting temples among which the most famous are Shite Thaung Temple, Koe Thaung Temple, Htutkhan Thein Temple, Antaw Thein Temple. Small museum of Mrauk U keeps wonderful and rare statues of Buddha with different Mudra.


Rakhine, unspoiled and unexplored, has until recently hidden some of the country's best-kept secrets. Sittway is the capital of Rakhine State and has many interesting Pagodas and a fascinating Monastery on the main street. Sittwe Bouddha Museum has a wonderful collection of Buddha Images, some Images are copies but many are originals dating from the 15th century. Another highlight of sittway is the beach where a promontory makes and ideal place to sit and absorb the sunset. The rock formations around the promontory are interesting and a stunning black sand beach stretches as far as the eye can see. Sittway is the gateway to MRAUK U (Myo Haung) where you can reach the 5-hour trip up-river or 3hours drive from Sittwe.



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