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Kyeng Tung is the largest town in northern Shan State sharing borders with China, Laos and Thailand. Eleven ethnic groups in their own customary way of life and wearing their traditional costumes live in the region. Majority are the Buddhists while the animists and those worshiping the traditional gods blend together. As it is surrounded by the mountains it is a base for trekking tours, and center for observing tribal groups’ ways of life. All of the tribes there are still stuck with their own culture and tradition and worship. Sharman can still be found in certain villages.


Tachileilk is a small town on Thai-Myanmar border, about 163km south of Kyaing Tong. Travelers are generally permitted to cross the bridge over the Mai-Seng creek. There is a busy market full of Myanmar, Thailand, and Chinese goods. For the travelers who want to continue further up to Kyaing Tong have to get through the necessary formalities.



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