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Kyaik Hti Yoe, known as Golden Rock is situated in Mon state, 5 hours drive away from Yangon. It is considered as one of the most venerated pagodas of the country and it receives many thousands of pilgrims except in raining season. Golden Rock is famous for its geologically amazing position of the two boulders and stupa on their top. Uphill trip to the top of the mountain where stout believers praying in front of stupa and breath-taking panoramic view makes it a must visit among other destination.


Mawlamyaing, the capital of Mon State, is the fourth largest city of Myanmar and is situated 300 kilometers south east of Yangon, at the mouth of ThanLwin River and serves as seaport and trading center of the region. It was annexed to India as a British colony in 1826 and was known as Moulmein then. The town became well-known among Rudyard Kipling's readers of his poem "Road to Mandalay", the first stanza of which starts with "By the old Moulmein pagoda Lookin' lazy at the sea There's a Burma girl a-settin' and I know she thinks o 'me".

The old Moulmein Pagoda in Poem, Kyeik Than Lan is one of the is main attractions of the town, and mountains overseeing the river mouth is a breathtaking scene at the sunset.


Long before the rise of Bagan, Thaton was an important centre for a Mon kingdom that stretched from the Ayeyarwady River delta to similar river deltas in Thailand, and possibly as far east as Cambodia. In 1057 Thaton was conquered by Myanmar King Anawrahta of Bagan. Shin Arahan, a Myanmar monk from Thaton, carried Theravada Buddhism north to the Burmese Kingdom of Bagan Myanmar.

Today Thaton sits on the main road and Myanmar rail line that stretches from Bago to Mottama. Little of Myanmar ancient Thaton is visible, as the modern town has been built over the old sites in Myanmar. The town's core is a leafy place, lining each side of the highway with colonial mansions and thatch-roofed homes. A few older Myanmar stupas dot the hillsides surrounding the town and a picturesque canal network irrigates rice paddies and fruit orchards in Myanmar.


Pha-An is the capital of Karen State. The region itself is a very prosperous region due to fertile land and is located on the trading route to Thailand. Pha An has a lot of interesting places to visit including the lime-stone caves formed around a million years ago. Like any other caves in Myanmar, the local people house Buddha statues and convert them into the worshipping places. A particular shape of Kyauk Kalatt Pagoda, Kawtgon cave, Yathe Taung Cave and Saddan cave are worth-visiting. Over 1000 meters high of Zwegabin Hill is also the main tourist attraction.



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