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The green lake is located at the southern Shan State, which is surrounded by the range of mountains of 880 meter altitude. It is 22 kilometers long, 8 kilometers large and dept 3.5 meters at the raining season and 1.5 meters at the dry season. There are more than 100 villages around and inhabited by many different tribes. Inle lake  is a very particular and a picturesque place with its traditional leg-rowers, typical floating gardens and different style of habitation.

There are many villages where their religious and administrative monuments and traditional houses are amazingly constructed on the lake and some are situated on the bank of the lake. Their mode of the transport from one place to another is by canoe or by motor boat. Local inhabitants there call themselves “Inthar” and most of all live on agriculture and weaving. The interesting places to visit are Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda, Indein Pagoda complex, Sagar Village and Pagoda Complex, typical villages around and traditional handicraft workshops.


Pindaya, situated in the southern Shan State of Myanmar, is a charming town which is mainly famous for the limestone cave called Shwe Oo Mhin, where thousands of Buddha images have been consecrated, and the cave itself is a place of worship and meditation. Every fifth day of the week in the morning, the town has itinerant market where peasant farmers from the nearby villages and from mountains come down and sell their agricultural products and buy the merchandise from other places. Visitors wake up early in the morning to see the highlanders wearing colorful turbans and traditional costume, buying and selling yield of their farms and gardens, which is really a rare view that people can enjoy nowadays.

Taung Gyi

Taunggyi, the capital of Shan State is located at an elevation of 1,570 meters above sea level. The town itself is modern and the principal population is Shan and Pao.  Kakku Pagoda complex near the town is one of the main attractions for the visitors. But, the most significant festival of Taung Gyi is the Hot Air Ballon festival celebrated on full moon day of November. The competition is held during the festival, and the balloon shaped like animals are floating in the sky illuminating it. As it is one of the most famous festivals of Myanmar, the visitors from all over the country participate in and enjoy it.


Kalaw is a charming small town of southern Shan State. It was one of the famous summer stations during colonial period. The town keeps the spirit of British era with its colonial style houses covering atmosphere. It is a main point of trekking for sporting to Pindaya and Inle Lake. 5 days market in Kalaw is very typical and colorful with the ethnics around the mountain ranges. Palaung, Shan, Paoo, Danu villages and beautiful plantations are located along the trek ways.


Loikaw, the capital of Kayah State is situated at the southern tip of Shan State. Loi Kaw can be reached via Kalaw, the tourist town in southern Shan State. Landscaping along the roadside to there is remarkably beautiful especially in raining season. Loikaw is a home land of Padaung tribe, – famous for their traditional costume of wearing bronze rings along the neck – who still live in their commune village called Pampet near Loikaw.



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