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Myanmar is also known for its un spoilt natural beaches. Unlike the neighboring countries, Beaches in Myanmar are very calm, very clean and do not have night activities. Relaxation at the beach in Myanmar is completely to relax and to enjoy the beauty of nature. Ngapali, Ngwe Saung and Chaung Tha beaches are the most famous beaches in Myanmar and each has its own clientele whereas Ngapali beach is as a Resort beach and which is very much attracted to the Tourists, Chaung Tha is mostly preferred by the locals and the newest beach Ngwe Saung is appreciated by both.

Ngapali Beach

Situated at the Western Coast of Myanmar in the Rekhine state and can acces by car or by flight. 1 hr flight time is much more attractive than 12 hours of Drive from Yangon. Ngapali Beach got its name from Naple from Italy as those who first found this beach named the beach as it resemble to Naple in Italy. Ngapali is a real serene place and people go there for relax.

Chaung Thar Beach

Chaung thar is situated only 5 hours drive from Yangon in Aye Yar waddy division and the most preferred Beach of Myanmar people. Myanmar holidays seasons like Thadin Gyut (Festival of Light) in November, Christmas in December and Thin Gyan( Water festival) in April are the most crowded period. Compare to Ngapali and Ngwe Saung beaches, Chaung Tha has hotels with affordable rates and it is one of the reasons why Chaung Tha is much more crowded.

Ngwe Saung Beach

Ngwe Saung beach is next to Chaung Thar beach. Ngwe Saung is the newest beach in Myanmar, the length of the beach is shorter than Ngapali and Chaung Thar but beach is very clean and still not polluted at all. It has both the higher end hotels as well as affordable price range hotels.


Pathein is situated on the eastern bank of the Pathein River in Ayeyarwaddy Delta, about 120 km west of Yangon. It is the most important delta port outside the capital, despite its distance from the sea. It is surrounded by a major rice growing area that produces the best rice available in Myanmar. The growth of the delta Myanmar trade, particularly rice exports, has contributed to a general air of prosperity in Pathein city.

As it lies on the way to Chaung Thar beach and Ngwe Saung Beach, most Myanmar travelers stop off on their way to the beach for its famous colorful hand-painted parasols and tradition Pathein Halawa (like sweet glutinous cake)



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