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Myanmar has been a mysterious name for the world for such a long time that it is actually, a country which has a long history with its own culture and tradition. It is still the country in Asia where the population still dearly holds onto its traditions, beliefs and customs. It is the only country in Asia where most of the population wears its traditional costume not only for special occasion but also for daily wears.

Since the independence after more than 100 years of colonial period, under the different political regimes, Myanmar population has braved wearing smile on their faces through the socio political hardship. On the bright side, Myanmar is graphically diverse that the country has snow-capped mountains, long coastal line, rivers, rice-growing plains, forests and semi-desert zones. In addition, the country is blessed with the natural resources such as metals, gems, oils & gas, all of which attract the investors around the world for the possibilities of their businesses expansion. Adaptation of the government policy also factored in for drawing the intention of international community for business and recreation. Myanmar had an election in 2010 to form a quasi-civilian government and adopted a constitution. Now, on-going reform processes enhances the relaxation of sanction on Myanmar. Visitors are being welcome with new market of over 50 million population, natural resources and charm of untapped beauty.

New election for democracy will be held on 8th of November 2015.



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